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  • Wide Application (Drinking Water, Food Process Water, Tap Water Factory, Pharmaceutical, Hotels, Hospital, Water Entertainment Facilities, Swimming Pools, Fountain, Koi pond etc)
The RENCO UV Sterilizer uses the energy of germicidal ultraviolet light to destroy the DNA of varies kind of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Ultraviolet light penetrates the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganisms to prevent multiplication and destroy ability of microorganisms to cause infection. The advantages of UV disinfection are:

  • High Efficient Disinfection
  • No secondary pollution as no chemicals are added
  • Low cost, simple operation and maintenance
The Ultraviolet disinfection’s waveband is between 200 to 300nm and the strongest waveband is 254nm.

Technical Specification

Model Flowrate UV Lamp Inlet & Outlet Size Reactor Size (mm)
gpm m3/hr Qty Watts L W H
RE-UV1/14-G2 2   1 14W 1/2' FNPT 360 50 70
RE-UV1/25-G6 6   1 25W 1/2' MNPT 510 50 70
RE-UV1/39-G12 12   1 39W 3/4' MNPT 975 65 110
RE-UV1/80-T5   5 1 80W 1-1/4' MNPT 965 75 110
RE-UV3/40-T8   8 3 40W 1-1/2' MNPT 960 160 300
RE-UV2/80-T12   12 2 80W 2' Flange 960 100 300
RE-UV4/80-T25   25 4 80W 3' Flange 960 160 350

UV Sterilizer Spare Parts

UV Lamp, Quartz Sleeve, Ballast, Bracket, Nut & O-ring

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